Surviving Spikes Salivation



The majority of sufferers once diagnosed will continue to subject themselves to continuous exposure to the 'Men of Joss', and really who can blame them.



Many questions regarding the management of this condition are asked. Below we try to answer the more commonly asked ones.



Ok so I suffer from Spikes Salivation do I have to do anything?

Answer: No! In actual fact the majority of sufferers choose to acknowledge their problem and work at integrating it into their normal daily lives.



What can one do to deal with this problem?

Answer: There are many options available to the sufferer. A desensitization program is available, which has varying degrees of success. There are also a good number of coping mechanisms that can be put in place to help the sufferer.



What sorts of coping mechanisms are there?

Answer: There is a number of options available depending on the symptoms being treated. There is a selection of protective equipment plus personal products you could use.



What about support groups, are there any available?

Answer: Yes - and you have found it. Spikes Salivation has an ever growing membership, of people, sufferers like yourself, who are more than willing to help, nurture and mentor.



At Spikes Salivation we stand tall and are proud to say -

"I'm a drooler and I don't care!!!"